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I can't stress how important comfort is to me. I find that most trends or really cute pieces aren't very comfortable which is why I usually dress simple and don't care much to follow trends. It's also why I only wear like 20% of the clothes I own haha. If the fit is complimentary to your figure and comfortable, ISSA GO! 

This look is perfect for those days you want to effortlessly slay. An oversized hoodie worn as a dress is comfy AF, you can shake your booty freely, and it's perfect for those days when the weather is the perfect mix between warm and cool. I wore a pair of black spandex shorts underneath to cover up the goodies. Black booties are a simple and sleek way to elevate the look. If you're having a bad hair day or just want a more urban look, throw on a dad cap. 

I am loving the camo + orange combo so much right now. A vibrant orange is the perfect contrast to muted green hues for any street wear look. I loveeee this "New Yawka" cap designed by my friend Rob Manuchi for his brand, Manuchi. I think all New Yorkers are a little ethnocentric but I think we deserve to be. New York is really a special place that not everyone is cut out for. Make sure to check out his stuff and stay up to date with him for new releases & events! 

 New Yawka cap by Manuchi | Orange hooded sweatshirt dress | Black Booties | Iridescent Shield sunnies

Shot by K Visionary

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Brittany Jade


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