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I’ve been on a real camo kick lately. I find that I tend to stick to a certain color scheme for a certain amount of time until I get tired of it then I move on to the next. I was so excited for the transition into Fall, because well Fall fashion is my fave. Earth tones and dark colors are definitely my thing.

Streetwear is definitely my niche. I’ve always been a tomboy with “girly” tendencies and I’m learning to really master my own style to reflect my personality better. I love styling menswear looks in a way that compliments my body and offer an unexpected appeal. You can definitely catch me shopping in the men’s section of all my favorite stores. 

With that being said, I had the pleasure of modeling some pieces from the FW1 collection for Ethik Clothing Co. Windbreakers have definitely made a triumphant return into streetwear and I’m all for it. They’re perfect for chilly or rainy days and they give off real nostalgic 90s vibes. Something about a dope jacket just wins me over. Comfy tapered sweats and kicks complete this laid back look that is certainly streetwear certified. Yeah, that was corny. Haha! 

Photographed by Odd Native

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Brittany Jade


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