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Writing this post was a bit of a challenge for me because I overthink ev-er-y-thing! As I was listing things to include, I would counter with a thought on why I CAN live without these things and I started to feel like this was pointless. I can pretty much say I'm not a materialistic person. I always had to get creative with the bare minimum and it taught me to not place value on material things. Of course every now and then I like to be a regular human and indulge in nice things. Below is a list of things I can live without, but would really rather not.

1. A pretty smile (: (I really can't live without this one.) I try to look at the positive in every situation and smile when things get tough. Even if I'm going crazy in my head, smiling & laughing trigger physical responses within the body that help you feel better. I'm currently working on whitening these bad boys with Hi Smile teeth whitening kit. Cannot wait to show you guys the results!

2. Some bomb-ass cat eye sunnies. The ones pictured above were developed by me for Fantaseyes Inc. I'm a product developer by day - everything else by night lol. Cat eyes are definitely my silhouette of choice because they can spice up any outfit and they have attitude, just like me (:

3. A good ol' fashion magazine. I mainly use them for visual inspiration & ideas for sunglasses, blog posts, outfits, and anything really. They keep my creative side alive. Side note: I've always wanted to take part in creating a magazine. I'll probably try it out at some point.

4. A good poetry book. Had you told me I would say this about a year ago I would've laughed in your face. I was never a book person, let alone poetry. However, these past two years have really been a huge emotional and spiritual journey for me. I find that I have a new appreciation for anything that involves self expression and art. Poetry helps me make sense of my thoughts and emotions. The book  pictured above, Becoming by Shana Marie Roark was so relatable and definitely helped me get through some tough times these past few months.

5. My body pillow. I have to sleep with a bunch of pillows and blankets in order to sleep well. It might be a security thing? I don't know but I can't sleep without my body pillow between my knees and to hold onto lol, yeah I'm pretty much a 23 yr old baby.

6. MUSIC! What the hell would life be without it? It gets me turnt up when I need to be, it soothes my hopeless romantic when I'm in my feelings, it helps me sleep when I'm having anxiety attacks, it brings a deeper meaning to life. It transcends languages and cultures - it IS like a universal language. My JBL flip is liiiiiiife. It's so small and easy to travel with & even though it's small it is very powerful and it BANGS!

7. My car. I don't know how I ever survived without it. Especially now that the weather is damn near at the freezing point. I can't imagine stepping foot outside my house without having a warm comfy car to get me where I need to go. With music blasting of course! I actually just got my license & car earlier this year, so I'm a fairly new driver and I'm already kind of sick of driving just like everyone told me I would be, haha!

8. Dry shampoo. I can't tell you how many times it transformed me from homeless person to bad bitch. I have really thick and frizzy hair so washing & styling takes me a while and tbh I don't have the time to do my hair multiple times a week. 

9. A dope pair of kicks. I am a sneaker head at heart. I'd choose a dope fair of Air Force 1's over boots or heels any day because ummm comfort always wins.

10. Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy collection. Ever since I discovered these products some years ago, I have not stopped using them. They even updated their packaging which is much more aesthetically pleasing than it used to be. I really believe that certain scents stimulate brain function and have positive affects on the mind and body. The 'Comfort' scent from this collection is my favorite!

Photography by Elizabeth Malave

Thanks for reading!


Brittany Jade


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