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Yes, I’m wearing white after Labor Day. Who makes these stupid rules any way? Honestly you either make the rules or break em. That’s the way I see it. This is probably why I don’t do so well with authority haha! 

Although this look is definitely more fit for the warmer seasons due to its cuts and materials, it can work in the transitional seasons as well. Unfortunately it already feels like winter in NY ):  If you read my Miami Travel Diary, you saw me rock this fit to a fashion show during Swim Week. It’s definitely one of my more risqué looks. I either dress really laid back and "boyish" or barely wear clothes, like this look haha. There usually isn't an in-between. 

I felt really bawsé in this outfit and looking back at the photos trying to think of a concept to write about, the saying “if you wanna talk the talk you gotta walk the walk” came to me. Which brings me to my next point. It’s really a pet peeve of mine when people preach a life they do not follow. The growth of social media as a prevalent part of our daily lives seems to have given people this false sense of identity. I seriously hate it. You guys all know that I’m all for thinking positive and spreading good vibes, and I love people who do the same. But when it just becomes nothing more than a quote you post on Instagram meanwhile you’re actually a negative force in real life, it means nothing. Too many things become trends nowadays and people just hop on the bandwagon without actually taking the time to understand the origin and meaning of said things. These things take time and a lot of hard work! It requires a lot of self reflection and most importantly being honest with yourself even when it hurts.

Do you ask yourself how you have made a positive impact on the world or someone else's life every day? Do you redirect your negative thoughts to positive ones? Do you move away from negative people and situations? Do you actually practice what you preach? Try talking less & doing more. 

Shot by  K Visionary

 Thanks for reading!

Brittany Jade 


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