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A new year usually means new resolutions that most of us will forget about by the time February rolls around. Let's all make an active effort to stay on top of our goals and set plans into place to help us reach the next level we've all been dreaming of. Below I have listed some of my New Year resolutions and some tips on how to stick to your guns. It's time to cut the shit and get to it.

I like to set goals for myself every day, not just in the beginning of the year. However, there's something about a fresh start that awakens a monster of motivation within us. Here are some resolutions to help us stick to our resolutions. Ha! 

Write them down. It'll hold you more accountable. I also believe that writing things down makes them real; it's already thought of, now you just have to do it.

Create a vision board. Use old magazines or print out pictures and put inanimate objects on it. Get creative and make something that will inspire you every time you look at it.

Make a plan. Whether they're short term or long-term goals, you're going to need to figure out a realistic way to make them happen. i.e. If your goal is to find a new job by March, you might want to first update your resume, and apply to X amount of jobs per week.

Congratulate yourself every time you accomplish a new goal. It'll keep you motivated to continue.

Exercise. Whether you going your local gym, go for a run every morning, do yoga, dance, kickboxing, etc. Exercise is a crucial part of staying fit. Your body gets stronger, it gives you a huge boost of self confidence, you look better, and you tend to live longer. If you can afford a Personal Trainer, that's the perfect way to stick to your routine. Pinterest is a good place to find workout routines for what you want to work on as well. After few weeks it will be a natural habit & you'll start to actually look forward to exercising.

Eat well. Cut the junk out of your diet. You're not 5 years old anymore so chill on the Oreos & Cheetos. I highly recommend doing your research and finding a balanced diet that is best for you based on your body type, your lifestyle and your blood type. (Eat  Right for Your Blood Type)

Mental health is just as important as physical. Make sure you are constantly challenging yourself to be positive and become a better version of yourself without being too hard on yourself.
FREE YOURSELF. Read more on my recent blog post.

Create a savings plan. I transfer a certain amount into my short term saving account every 2 weeks (for bills & monthly expenses). Then, I send a certain amount to a high yield online savings account for my long term goals (i.e. New car, new apartment, new laptop, travel, etc.)

Cut down spending. Do you reaaaallly need that $5 coffee every day? Maybe try packing your lunch instead of eating out. Take a look at your last few month's bank statements and notice your spending trends. Now figure out a way to cut back on the unnecessary stuff.
Rule of thumb: If you can't afford to buy it twice (2x the price), then don't buy it.

Invest. They key is to make your money make money without you needing to do anything. Whether you want to get into stocks, cryptocurrencies, or CDs. Explore your options and be smart! The sooner you start, the better.

Increase your income. Gone are the days when people have one source of income. Studies actually show that the average millionaire has 7 sources of income . Whether you work a 9-5 or you're taking the road less traveled, you need to find multiple ways to make money. Aside from investing, there are multiple ways to stream more income. Try freelancing on your free time whether you are an artist, a photographer, a makeup artist, a gamer, a hairdresser and so on, there's a market for everything and social media makes it so much easier to build your own business or brand. Find a main side hustle and master it. Try selling your unwanted or unworn clothes. There's multiple apps for this i.e. Poshmark (My personal fave), Mercari, Letgo

I Will Teach You to be Rich This book has been my financial holy grail, It's basically a guide to financial freedom for the average person. I really recommend reading it.

Travel.  Far. Close. Alone. In a large group. Just book a ticket and go!
Try a new activity. Whether it's sky diving or learning to dance Salsa. Try some things you've always wanted to do but for some reason always found a reason not to.
Learn a new skill. If you want to learn how to edit videos or color hair, go for it. Not to mention it'll offer you another outlet to make money. With the internet nowadays, we have free information readily available to us so real you have no valid excuses.
Explore your city. Yup, like a tourist. Or like a local. Or maybe both. Challenge yourself to do things and go places that are out of the norm for you.

I cannot stress this one enough! This should be something that you strive for every single day, in all aspects of your life. They didn't lie when they said great things never came from comfort zones. 

Whether you want to be a nurse or a famous music artist, figure out what it is that sets your soul on fire and go for it full force. Don't let anybody else's doubts reflect on you and don't stop until you get there. You can't fail if you never quit.

Cow milk, bad friends, and a cheating boyfriend all have something in common: They are toxic for you! So stop being a weak a** b*tch and cut it out of your life. 
Notice the people who drain your energy, or who suddenly get all quiet when you share an accomplishment with them. If your relationship seems to drain you more than it fulfills you, maybe its time to let it go (Of course, you should do some self reflection first to make sure you aren't the issue.)
Cut out bad habits. Whether you smoke cigarettes, pop pills, self harm, bite your nails, lose your temper easily, listen to sad songs when you're already feeling depressed, etc. Stop treating yourself like trash. How can you live a happy and successful life if you're literally beating yourself down? Find healthy ways to cope with your inner demons. Yoga, meditation and twerking in the mirror help me. Lmao (no shame.)

Thank you so much for reading loves! Now let's put these goals into place and make this new year the best one yet.

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