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When you visualize, you are emitting a powerful frequency to into the universe. Studies show that the brain activity between a weight lifter visualizing lifting a 300lb weight and him actually lifting the 300lb weight were nearly identical. I truly believe that if it can be thought of, it can be achieved. We are all capable. The only time we aren't able to achieve something, it's because we set limitations on it ourselves. Even things that seem to be external forces that we tend to believe "got in the way" can be moved around. Keep your eye on the prize and don't let anything deter you. You'll get there eventually.

What is a vision board? Vision boards have become very popular recently. Pinterest is probably to blame. They're my go-to for all things inspiration & DIY.  A vision board is basically a smorgasbord of inspiration, goals, and reassurance for you to stay focused on the things you want to achieve. Your vision board should focus on how you want to feel, not just on things that you want. You can use an array of words, pictures, miscellaneous objects (I.e. bookmarks, event tickets, awards, etc.) that you want to manifest into reality. This can range from buying house, re-decorating your apartment, finding true love, finding self-love, traveling to Paris, getting a raise, starting your own business... the possibilities are endless and there is no wrong or right way to make a vision board. The moral of this whole project is to practice the art of NOT LIMITTING YOURSELF!

What you’ll need:

- Board of your choice 
         I used a 16x20" Canson Illustration/Comic art board
- Magazines to cut words and images from 
- Embellishments (optional) 
       Pearls, ribbons, jewels etc.
- Other misc. objects you wish to use 
Bookmarks, photographs, certificates, etc
- Glue stick
- Scissors
- An open area to work in

How to do it:

1. Write a list of personal goals you are focusing the board on
        First, begin with a list of short term and long term goals you have for the year (or whatever time frame you prefer – I targeted my vision board towards the 2018 year)
        If you don’t already have your goals written down, or you aren’t exactly sure what your goals are it’s time to dig deep. What are you currently unhappy with in your life? Your job isn’t paying you a livable wage? Your relationship is draining you? You feel unhealthy or lazy? Start with what you don’t like and figure out how you want to change these things. I.e. Read more on setting goals in my previous post New Year, New Goals // How to Keep your New Year's Resolutions
2. Choose your workspace
Choose music, light candles, burn incense, chant, gather your crystals, sing to your angels, bang drums, or anything else that supports you in feeling comfortable, relaxed, and tapped into your desires.
3. Cut out images/words/visuals that portray your goals. 
Be creative!
4. Rearrange all clippings on the board until you’re happy with the layout. 
This may require some additional cutting and searching for more content. 
5. Glue everything in place.
6. Hang (& frame) your vision board somewhere you will see it and be inspired by it daily
7. Put action behind your visions & congratulate yourself each time you bring any goal into fruition

My vision board focuses on what I want to achieve in 2018 mentally, physically, spiritually, financially and career wise. You can make your vision board for 2018 like I did or you can focus it on something more specific like your career or your new home. It's completely up to you! I plan to make a bunch of smaller boards for different areas of my life. This is my main board for 2018 which overs everything I wish to achieve. I focused each section of my board on different topics. The left ranges from living a happy and healthy lifestyle, maintaining a vegetarian diet, pursing my passions in art, photography and travel. The middle section is mainly focused on stepping outside my comfort zone and doing things that scare me, letting go of fear, doubts, and living a more active and earthly lifestyle. On the top right corner of my board I highlighted words that are associated with my identity such as Aquarius, Latina, Creator, Strong Spirit, etc. Although these are things that I don't necessarily need to achieve because they are absolute - I want to dig deeper into all of these aspects and get to know myself more. In 2017 I started digging into astrology a lot more and it helped me understand myself on a much deeper level. I want to continue to study astrology and my Zodiac as well as that of others because I believe it helps me navigate life and interaction with other people so much. I plan to do a blog post on this topic once I feel confident enough with the information. The bottom right portion of my board is all about success. I vow to read more books this year, sit front row at a fashion show during Fashion Week, work towards buying a Tesla, be more conscious of how harsh I come off to other people, travel the world and most importantly become self-employed.

I was originally planning on making my vision board by myself. I am very much a loner and I enjoy doing things independently. However, one of my everlasting goals is to build up the people around me and be surrounded by love and support, so I brought up the idea for a vision board party to my closest friends (We tend to have a really difficult time coming together.) Only one of my best friends was down to get together and make the boards. Side note: I was initially really upset that not everyone wanted to participate. I get really frustrated when people turn down an opportunity that is only beneficial for them. I spent way too many years trying to help people and it only ever drained me. So I've made it a point to learn to be more tolerable of other people's wishes even when I don't agree or understand them, because maybe I really don't know what's best for them. So my best friend Samantha and I made a little girls night of it. We made tea (would've been wine if I weren't sick with a cold because of this horrible NY weather), listened to music and caught up on our lives. It was a really great bonding experience. There's nothing better than working on productive things with the people closest to you. It was SO interesting to see how differently our boards turned out - which mirrored our personalities so well. We have a lot in common I.e. We were both cheerleaders in High School, and played the clarinet, we were in a lot of the same classes and we both have a huge drive for success. BUT, we also have a lot of differences. I'm much more artsy, edgy and risqué whereas she is more focused on health, family, and love which is evident on our boards. 

My Vision Board

My nephew walked in on me taking pics and insisted on me taking a picture of him

Samantha's Vision Board

Vision board parties are a great way to get together with friends and bond. You can discuss your goals before hand and explain your creative process of making your boards after they're finished. Grab some wine and finger foods and it's a party! Make sure you set the mood with a clear working space, music, candles, whatever it is that inspires you. 

You gotta believe it to see it, not the other way around.

I wish you all the best new year ever and hope that you all make it a point to become greater this year!


Brittany Jade


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