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As you all should know, my birthday recently passed and as usual when I go out to celebrate my birthday I have a hassle trying to find the perfect birthday outfit. I'm sure my ladies understand the struggle. I ended up getting really lucky and finding an outfit I loved and the best part? It cost me less than $50!

I usually have an image in my head of what look I want to go for and I'll just pull it together last minute but this year I had no idea what I wanted to wear. Originally I wanted to wear an all white, satin outfit but that was nearly impossible to find. I tried two outfits from Fashion Nova (see images below). The Glitter dress wouldn't even pass my hips. I ordered a size XS (I'm usually a small) and I was unaware that Fashion Nova's clothing runs small.  The Egyptian Cutout Set was ordered in a size Small and it fit me perfectly. I really loved the material and the color but it wasn't functional at all. Every time I bent down my boobs popped out of the top and I don't know what kind of underwear you can wear with that skirt. I wanted to look bomb of course but I wanted to be comfortable and able to dance without worrying about a nip slip. This was my first time shopping with Fashion Nova and honestly I wasn't very pleased with the service. The clothes were ok. The quality of the dress wasn't great and it offered ZERO stretch (a huge no-no for me.) I returned both items the day after I got them and I was only refunded a portion of my money & they only issue refunds in the form of an E-Gift card which I was extremely annoyed at. I emailed them to ask why didn't I receive a full refund and they said because the items were marked as damaged. Keep in mind I only tried the outfits on for 2 minutes each and made sure there were no damages before returning. Overall, I don't think I'll be becoming a loyal customer to Fashion Nova.

Ways to Articulate Glitter Dress

Egyptian Queen Cutout Set

So my next option was to shop around some stores - I always prefer shopping in person because trying on is a MUST for me. Something can look weird on a hanger but look amazing on you & vice versa. I stopped by the Rainbow across the street from my job one day after work (Ew, I know Rainbow?) You'd be surprised. They actually carry a majority of the same clothes as Forever 21 & H&M. I found these super cute wine colored belle bottoms and I FELL IN LOVE when I tried them on. They were only $20 so I bought them and decided to find a cute bralette or bustier to pair them with. The next day after work I stopped at Forever 21 to find a top and I ended up finding the same exact pants I bought the day before, for only $7.00! Yes, I said $7.00. I grabbed them up so fast and did a little happy dance lmao. I returned the other pair from Rainbow the day after and got my money back.

I must've grabbed every white and burgundy bralette/lingerie top in the store to try on. I added some of my options below. I ended up choosing to go with a matching top ($8.90) and I wore a body chain from my job under it to spice it up a bit. I found a cute pair of nude furry sandal heels at Forever21 as well ($29.99). My entire outfit cost me $46.00. It was definitely a win-win.

Alternate Option

I love the way bell bottoms accentuate my curves and add visual interest which calls attention to the legs, making them look longer. A cute bralette brought real Selena vibes and a faux fur jacket was the prefect amount of 'Extra' for my birthday. I accessorized with a body chain and rings and I kept my makeup pretty neutral with a dark lip. I tend to always wear burgundy for my birthday for some reason. It is the birth stone for January & I think it compliments my skin tone really well. See pictures of my birthday outfits from the past 2 years below.

A velvet dress with plunging neckline and high slit.
See more on my old post: WHAT TO WEAR: CASINO EDITION.

An oversized band tee with OTK velvet booties and a diamond choker.

Here's what my final look was this year:

Real Spice Girl Vibes

Remember, it's not what you wear, it's how you wear it.

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