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is the color of trust, calmness, and loyalty

Blue & General Traits

This is both a peaceful and tranquil color which promotes mental and physical relaxation. Don't we feel a sense of calmness when we lay on our backs and look up at a clear blue sky? The paler the blue, the more freedom we feel.  It boasts a sense of security and is very reliable.

The color blue can relate to one-to-one communication. It is the public speaker of all the colors and promotes speaking the truth through verbal self expression. Blue is connected to a higher intelligence and ideals. It represents wisdom and helps us communicate our wants and needs.

Blue is the helper. It certainly gives without expecting anything in return. If it were a person it would be the friend that everyone runs to when they need advice, a shoulder to cry on or even a few dollars.

Blue is conservative and the most widely liked color all over the world. This is probably because it is safe and non-threatening. However, too much blue can enhance sadness.

Personality Color Blue

Blue is persistent and destined to succeed at any endeavor it pursues. However, change is difficult for blue. It is not very flexible and when faced with a new or different idea it analyzes it and makes it fit into its own version of reality. It seldom does anything out of impulse or spontaneity, it needs to have a well thought out plan first.

Blues are nostalgic. They tend to related everything in the present and the future to experiences in the past. They are also very genuine and sincere. They take their relationships and responsibilities very seriously.

Having a personality color blue means you have a deep need for peace and harmony in your everyday life. You would benefit greatly from regular meditation and quiet time for reflection, introspection and self-discovery.

Blues appear to be confident and self-controlled but they are most often hiding their vulnerable side. They are usually very eve-tempered unless their emotions take over in which they either become extremely mood and over-emotional or the total opposite - cool and indifferent.

Personality color blue people are very likable and social people. However, they prefer the company of their close friends and they are very sensitive to the needs and caring of others. They are very empathetic and emotional beings.

They need to have order in their living and work spaces - untidiness and unpredictability overwhelm them. They are very rigid and like to do thing their own way even if their is a better way. They like to stick to what is comfortable and familiar.

The deepest need for a personality color blue is to find inner peace and truth, to live your life according to your own ideals and beliefs without having to change your inflexible viewpoint of life to satisfy others.

Blue & Fashion

Blue is a very safe color to use in the business world because it is universally favored. Blue works well for the corporate world and is often used for more conservative types of businesses such as accountants, insurance companies, banks and other financial companies where trust and reliability are important. Think about Twitter and Facebook...As the creator os such an invasive social network, don't you think your main priority with your customers is for them to trust and rely on your product and service?

The color blue has different meanings in all cultures. In the western culture it represents reliability, calmness, depression, masculinity or baby boys and corporate.  The "Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue" wedding tradition is a good example of the meaning of the color in western culture. Something old represents continuity; something new offers optimism for the future' something borrowed symbolizes happiness; something blue represents purity, love and fidelity.

In Eastern cultures, it represents immortality. In China, it is associated with pornography or "blue films" and is seen as a feminine color. It is the national sports color in India and represents every day life in Japan. In Korea Mexico and Iran, it is the color of mourning. In Thailand, it is the color of Friday. In Egypt, it is the color of protection - to ward off evil.

Wearing blue clothing promotes many of the general blue traits listed above i.e. calmness, trust, reliability. This is why many professionals recommend wearing blue to a job interview - it represents loyalty. Blue is a major color for Spring 2018 according to the runways and streetwear. It was spotted in many catwalks at NYFW including Monse, Fenty x Puma, Michael Kors and Ralph Lauren. It was seen in all shades from periwinkle to true blue all the way to dark navy. Personally, I have been really attracted to the true vivid blue tone lately and in retrospect I can say it has definitely helped me remain calm these past few months through all the challenges and stress I've faced.

I hope you enjoyed this read! Would you say you identify more with blue, purple or red now that I've covered all three? (Stay tuned for the next color i the Color Study series!)

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Photography by Elizabeth Malave

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