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is the color of the mind, the intellect and happiness

Yellow & General Traits

The color yellow relates to acquired knowledge. It resonates with the left (or logic) side of the brain, stimulating our mental faculties and creating mental agility and perception.

Being the lightest hue of the spectrum, the color psychology of yellow is uplifting and illuminating. It  offers hope, happiness, cheerfulness and fun. It inspires original thought and inquisitiveness. Yellow is the best color to create enthusiasm for life and can awaken greater confidence and optimism.

Yellow is non-emotional, coming from the head rather than the heart. It is related to the ego and our sense of self worth, to how we feel about ourselves and how we are perceived by others.

If you are going through a lot of change in your life you may find you can't tolerate the color yellow very well - this will usually pass. It just means that you are having trouble coping with all the changes at the moment and yellow vibrates too fast for you, making you feel stressed. Introduce green or a soft orange into your life for a while to balance and restore your energies.

On the negative side, yellow can be critical and judgemental, being overly analytical, being impatient and impulsive. It can also be non-emotional and lack compassion.

Personality Color Yellow

Yellow is the practical thinker, not the dreamer. It is creative from a mental aspect, the color of new ideas, helping us find new ways of doing things. You use your mind to achieve goals rather than your physical energy.

Yellow is the great communicator and loves to talk. Yellow is the color of the networker and journalist, all working and communicating on a mental level. Yellow is the scientist, constantly analyzing, looking at both sides before making a decision; methodical and decisive. Yellow is the entertainer, the comic, the clown.

Yellow personalities have a strong independent streak in them, and are selective with your choise of friends, keeping a small group of close and like-minded friends rather than being involved in team events or large social gatherings.

Your deepest need is for logical order in your everyday life and to be able to express your individuality by using your logical mind to inspire and create new ideas.

Yellow & Fashion

Yellow has many different meanings in cultures around the world. In Western cultures yellow symbolizes happiness, joy, hope, cowardice, caution and hazardous substances. In Eastern cultures yellow is sacred and imperial. In China it is a masculine color. In India it is the symbol of a merchant.    In Egypt it is the color of mourning. In Japan, yellow is the color of courage, beauty and refinement, aristocracy and cheerfulness. In France, it is the color of jealousy.

In business, yellow is a great color for children's products, particulary combined with other bright primary or secondary colors. It is stimulating to their mind and their creativity.
For many leisure products, particularly those that promote playful and fun activities, yellow is a beneficial color. It will enhance the promotion of any fun and entertainment businesses. It is also huge in the food industry as it stimulates the appetite, especially when used in conjuction with other warm color such as red or orange.
Apart from the above types of businesses, in general it is best to use yellow as a highlight color - too much can cause agitation and anxiety, particularly with older people. Avoid its use where you are trying to impart a message of stability.
In fashion, yellow is a huge color for 2018. This punchy color possesses an energetic spirit and delivers a seriously playful pop of character – cutting through expected mid-tones. It is perfect to add as a pop of color in accessories or even a statement piece like a yellow coat.

What I'm Wearing: 
Calvin Klein Mustard Yellow Pea Coat (Thrifted) // Black Mid-Rise Jeans (F21)
Black Lycra Sock Booties (Steve Madden) // Nike SF AF1 Black/Gum Sole (Foot Locker)

Photography by Elizabeth Malave
Photos Retouched by me.

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The color of balance, growth & harmony

Green & General Traits

The color green symbolizes growth, freshness, and fertility. From a color psychology perspective, it is the great balancer of the heart and the emotions, creating equilibrium between the head and the heart.

It renews and restores depleted energy. It is the sanctuary away from the stresses of modern living,  restoring us back to a sense of well being. This is why there is so much of this relaxing color on earth (naturally), and why we need to keep it that way. This is also the reason why studies show that spending more time outside in nature decreases depression.

Green is an emotionally positive color, giving us the ability to love and nurture ourselves and others unconditionally.

Being a combination of blue and yellow, green encompasses the mental clarity and optimism of yellow with the emotional calm and insight of blue, inspiring hope and a generosity of spirit not available form other colors.

Green is the color of prosperity and abundance, of finance and material wealth. It relates to the business world, to real estate and property. Prosperity gives a feeling of safety to green.

On the negative side, the color can be possessive and materialistic, with a need to own people and things.

Personality Color Green

My middle name is Jade so I thought I'd add in the meaning of the specific Jade shade of the color green.

Jade Green: The color of trust and confidentiality, tact and diplomacy. Jade green indicates a generosity of spirit, giving without expecting anything in return. It increases worldly wisdom and understanding, assisting in the research for enlightenment.

If your favorite color is green you are likely a practical, down-to-earth person with a love of nature. You are stable and well balanced or are striving for balance - in seeking this balance you can at times become unsettled and anxious.

Having a personality color green means you are kind, generous and compassionate. You're generally a good person to have around during a crisis as you remain calm and take control of the situation until it is resolved.

You are caring and nurturing to others - however you must be careful not to neglect your own needs while giving to others. You are strong-willed and do not like to be told what to do by others. You do like to win arguments and do not concede defeat easily.

With a personality color green you have a great need to love and to be loved. You tend to wear your heart on your sleeve - you are an open book who doesn't hide his of her feelings. You are a natural observer and would rather sit in a cafe and watch the world go by than to take a risk. Money is important to you but you are generous.

The deepest need for a personality color green is to belong, to love and be loved, and to feel safe and secure. You need acceptance and acknowledgement for the everyday things you do for others - just a 'thank you' is sufficient.

Green & Fashion

Green shares many of the same meanings all around the world. Such as, nature, ecology, environmental awareness, the military and traffic lights.

In western culture, green represents Spring, money, freshness, inexperience, jealousy and greed.

Nicknamed The Emerald Isle for its luscious green countryside, green is the national color of Ireland and it's associated with good luck, leprechauns, shamrocks, and Saint Patrick.

Most Eastern and Asian cultures relate green with new and eternal life, new beginnings, fertility, youth, health, and prosperity. And while this is true in Chinese culture, wearing a green colored hat for men is taboo because it suggests the man's wife is cheating on him.

After gaining its freedom from Spain in the 19th Century, Mexico chose to display green in its flag to represent independence. In many South American cultures that are rich in forests, green symbolizes death.

In business, green is beneficial for anything to do with health and healing. Green is an ideal color to promote natural, safe, organic products. It is also beneficial in the promotion of environmentally friendly products. Green motivates people to join social groups and satisfies their need to belong. 

Wearing the color green will enhance all the traits of the color such as serenity, calmness, balance and freshness. Darker greens are reminiscent of the military while lighter shades promote feelings of immaturity, cowardice and youthfulness.

Do you relate to the color green at all? Let me know in the comments section below!

Photography by Elizabeth Malave

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Total disclaimer: This post isn't mean to bash anyone who dreams of becoming a nurse or a teach or a firefighter living the 'All American Dream'. In fact, i'm quite envious of people who can be extremely happy and content with such things. Unfortunately, some of us are just built differently. No matter how hard we try to conform and do what is expected of us or normalized by society, we never feel complete. We need more. 

This is for my fellow free spirits. The ones who can't seem to wake up at 7am for their 9-5 no matter how many alarms they set or how early they try to get to bed. The ones who constantly need to be creating or innovating. The ones who's brains move faster than lightning with so many ideas that they can't even image executing them all in one life time. The ones who feel so disconnected from the world and misunderstood by the people around them. The ones who know they aren't meant to work for someone else's dream - but to chase their own.

When your goal is to not live an ordinary life but to live an extraordinary life, the sacrifices are exponential. Success is a lonely road.

Now, you have two options: 

1. You can follow the beaten path and have plenty time set aside for friends and family and recreational activities but your personal growth will be stunted. You can only ever go so far, make so much money, experience so much the world has to offer. You'll be working a dead end job with a cap on how much money you can make each year. Now I use the term "dead end" very loosely. Many people might think of being the head of a department in a Fortune 500 company is the greatest of achievements, and to some the security that this provides is more than enough to sustain and fulfill them, but the people who i'm talking to know that they will never be content with this. You make an annual salary and that is their way of saying "you are only worth this much to us, nothing more." And you will NEVER make more than that so long as that is your given salary.  It doesn't matter if you're 15 with kids or 30 - age isn't the subject here - the point is that so many people give up on themselves and their own dreams and aspirations to settle for comfort. And as I like to say, comfort is the cousin of death. 

2. Or you can take the road less traveled. Follow your dreams, travel the world, do what scares you, become an entrepreneur, do the unthinkable, live the life everyone only dreams of. But this will require a lot more sacrifice. You will lose people, and Im not just talking about a toxic boyfriend, but you will lose the people closest to you. They'll likely still be in your life and you'll see each other on special occasions but on the regular it will feel like they are strangers. If they aren't going down a similar route in life, you will feel very disconnected from them and you will have to fight a long battle of trying to find balance in maintaining a fulfilling relationship with these people.
It will hurt. 
It will drive you crazy.
You will cry.
You will feel lonely.
You will feel broken.
You will feel misplaced and lost.
You will miss out on quality time with loved ones.
You will miss your best friends’ birthdays and your niece's dance recital.
You may even be looked at as selfish or condescending at times.
You will feel depressed.
You will feel anxious.
You will feel like shit for having to miss out on things and time spent with loved ones.
You will beat yourself up about not getting enough sleep most nights or eating well.
You will never feel like you're doing enough and the To-Do-Lists will seem to never end.

BUT this is where the key is - you have to be so obsessed with your dream that you pull yourself out of these holes with a new outlook on life each time. Learn something from every struggle you go through. And trust me, you will go through a lot. You have to love and believe in yourself so much that other people's opinions roll right off you because you know your heart is pure and your mind is set on the right things. I am only just getting started on my journey and I have been faced with SO many of these battles already. You will eventually find a better balance between working, self care, quality time with loved ones, and everything else you have on your plate. You will start to feel less guilty for missing out on things because you will reach a level of understanding that this is your calling and some people will never understand what it takes. AND THAT IS OK! It's not meant for everyone to understand or else everyone would do it, too. Keep the people around who still show you love and support and get rid of the nay-sayers. They are detrimental to the dream. They will try and project their fears onto you because they weren't courageous enough to follow through on their own purpose. You cannot allow this energy into your space because it can easily taint you. You can't afford to doubt yourself. Commit to the dream and keep your focus on that, not letting anything deter you from it.

You have to be prepared for these internal struggles that will literally try to eat you alive. You have to keep going.  
You'll learn to celebrate your own victories and sometimes not even mention it to other people because nobody can wish bad on something they know nothing about. It's sad but this is the reality - many people will not be genuinely happy for you if you're doing more or better than them. Remember that their opinion is none of your business and just continue getting down to business.

This road has never been paved before and to do so requires A LOT of work. You will shed old layers of yourself to make room for new ones. This includes people, habits, opinions, appearances, and so on. It will be extremely uncomfortable at times but this is where you remind yourself how bad you want it. 

They don’t call it the lonely road for no reason.

I will soon embark on a new and exciting adventure of my own and I can't wait to share it with you guys. Stay tuned!

What I'm Wearing 
Jacket (Forever 21) // High waist denim jeans (Zara)
Red booties (Zara) // Black Puffer Coat (Primark)

Photography by Jimmy Noble

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