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In collaboration with Sevynth brand

Urban streetwear with substance is what I live for. Nothing beats a dope graphic tee that doesn't do too much but still screams with a rebellious and edgy attitude. These tees by Sevynth brand read "Those who stay hungry get fed." and that resonates with me so much! As long as you have the hunger to succeed or achieve more, you will continue to bask in the fruits of your labor.

What's even better than dope graphic tees? Reconstructed pieces that provoke emotion. These reconstructed patchwork denim jeans were hand crafted by the owner of the brand himself and convey so much character and bring attention to social issues through dramatic imagery from old school horror films and artwork. I love supporting local and upcoming brands and businesses. Why spend $50 on the new Off White tee that everyone around the world has and fund a huge company when you can spend the same amount and support a young person with a big dream who's working day and night to make their dream a reality?

Gods Never Age tee by Sevynth
Gold Air Max 97s from Get Em Kicks
Male Model/Photographer: Stephon